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I am a lot of things to a lot of people, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and usually nowhere in between...
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I’m so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything.

Jonathan Safran Foer 

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(via lovequotesrus)

(via lovequotesrus)

"All skate, change directions" means something to you.
This rings a bell: “and my name, is Charlie. They work for me..”
A predominant colour in your childhood photos is “plaid”.
Most of the fillings in your mouth are directly related to Bazooka or Bubble Yum.
Rotary phones.
You ever had a Dorothy Hammill haircut or used Short and Sassy shampoo.
You ever owned a Donnie and Marie or Sonny and Cher poster.
If female: you thought that Shawn Cassidy was “dreamy”.
If male: your first love was Marsha Brady.
In your sophomore class picture, you’re wearing a shirt with the collar “up”.
It was a major accomplishment to get to the “Chase” scene in Ms. Pacman.
Leg warmers were cool.
The first time you ever kissed someone was at a dance during “Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner.
There was nothing strange about Bert and Ernie living together.
You and all your high school friends discussed elaborate plans to get together again at the end of the century and play “1999” by Prince over and over again.
You know who Rick Springfield is.
You actually remember Benetton.
You can recite the Preamble to the Constitution, but only to the tune of Schoolhouse Rock.
You could sing “99 Red Balloons” in English and in German.
You don’t even want to remember the hairstyles you had in the 80’s.
You ever asked to be gagged with a spoon.
You ever dressed to emulate like a cast member of a Duran Duran, Madonna, Rick Springfield, or Cyndi Lauper video.
You ever wanted to learn to play “Stairway to Heaven” on the guitar and choreographed “Dancing Queen” by yourself in your room.
You had ringside seats for Luke and Laura’s wedding.
You know the origin of the phrase “Where’s the beef?”.
You know who shot J.R.
You know, by heart, the words to Weird Al Yankovic’s songs.
You learned to swim at about the same time that Jaws came out and still carry the emotional scars.
You owned a Jordache anything, or you remember when Jordache jeans were cool.
You remember “Friday Night Videos” before the days of MTV.
You remember any of the following: Echo and the Bunnymen, Cutting Crew, Scritti Politti, or Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark.
You remember having to get off the couch to change the TV channel.
You remember the days when “safe sex” meant “my parents are going out of town”.
You remember wanting to stay up to see Mr. Bill on Saturday Night Live.
You remember when film critics were certain that no movie could ever possibly get better special effects than those in the movie TRON.
You remember when there was only “G”, “PG”, and “R”.
You sat with your friends on a Friday night and dialed “8-6-7-5-3-0-9” to see if Jenny would answer.
You still wonder if Mikey died from a lethal cocktail of Pop Rocks and Coca Cola.
You thought “Weird Science” was a masterpiece.
You took family trips BEFORE the invention of the mini-van and remember riding in the back of the station wagon trying to get passing trucks to honk at you.
You tuned in regularly to the adventures of the Bionic Man and Woman, Wonder Woman, and/or the Incredible Hulk.
You wanted to move to Hawaii because that’s where Magnum lived.
You were not allowed to see The Exorcist, The Omen, or The Blue Lagoon when they came out.
You wore anything Izod, especially those wind-breakers that folded up into a pouch you could wear around your waist.
You remember that music that was labeled “alternative” really was.
You’re starting to believe that having the kids go to school all year wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all…

This one time at the crazy girl’s house…no wait that’s every day.

This is what happens if you don’t pick up the trash in your car. Nearly drove off the road when I saw this evil staring at me!

My odd desk!


Everything you love is here

You are the black sheep of the family when all you wanted was unconditional love.
You are a crazy Mom when all you wanted was to have your kids know they are far more wonderful than you could ever be.
You are a mess to be married to when all you wanted was someone to watch over you..
You destroy friendships and relationships when all you wanted was forgiveness.
You have so many pill bottles your purse sounds like maracas when all you wanted was peace of mind.
Your meds cause weight gain faster than most pregnancies when all you wanted was some self esteem.
You read this and wish for a manic episode since this post threw you into depths of a depressed phase!

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